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Disabling anon commenting...

To see if that helps with the deluge of spam. The next step will be friends-only, hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Went to a preview of "Skyfall" tonight, sponsored by Hubby's work. As James Bonds go, it was a good one, with the requisite amount of explosions and bon mots. And, in the squee heard 'round the world...

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That is all.

It's writing! Sort of!

From fanfromfla:

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line. Repeat five times and list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating! This is a challenge and it's about creativity.)

3: Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom.

1-Community: From her shut door a commotion of typewriter-keys

Lately, Annie was always in her room, typing. Once, Troy asked, and she told him she was trying to write an entire novel in a month. "Why?" Troy asked. "For a challenge," Annie replied. Troy understood challenges. He'd been trying to get into Abed's pants for three years.

2-Hustle: Precious! It was conceiveless fair

It was easy, in the end, for Mickey to make the switch. Sean was as pretty as a girl, and Mickey didn't have to worry about any expensive, unwanted "surprises" turning up on his doorstep nine months after it was done. Their lubricant bill, however, went through the roof.

3- Rock of Ages: As I, who testify it

Dennis has been to court before, more often than he likes to admit. He puts on his least-fringed vest and his most boring shoes and stares at himself in the mirror. "You look awesome," Lonnie tells him, and suddenly, Dennis doesn't resent the bogus overcrowding charge quite so much.

4-Sherlock: I wanted the gold, and I got it --

John never expected to get married, and he never expected to get divorced. Afterwards, when he came home to Baker Street and found Sherlock right where he'd left him three years earlier, looking out the window at the world, John realized he was just where he was meant to be.

5-The Tudors: and cut off his sexual

He was no better than a eunuch, trapped between a virgin he could not marry and a wife he did not love. "It's enough to drive me to desperation," Henry told Thomas More. Enough, in fact, to make a man as holy and untouchable as Thomas appear suddenly attractive.


In other news, hubby and I celebrate five years of marriage today! Yay!

Rock of Ages

Not an epic film, but a fun one if you, like me, have fond memories of a childhood baby-sitter who was into big blonde hair and acid-wash jeans (or perhaps if you yourself were once that baby-sitter!)

It also wins an honorary Oscar for forcing me, and I imagine many others, to ship a canon couple I never thought I'd see.

If you've seen the movie, you can probably guess. If not...

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mcicioni has inspired me!

Not to immediately rush out and write more, unfortunately (although it would be great if I had the time for that!) I have uploaded a bunch of my old favourites to the Archive of Our Own, though, mostly because I really like their interface (I understand this is something of a political button in some ways, like so much of fandom, but I don't know the details, and I don't have any problem with them.)

If you're interested, my profile is here. Fandoms include Rome, The Tudors,the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie (I haven't even seen the 2011 one yet, that's what a bad fan I've become), Perfect Strangers (only one there! Woot!), Frank/Elliott from the 2004 version of Flight of the Phoenix (if you, like me, had completely forgotten that movie, it's essentially Jack/Daniel with added layers of PTSD. I don't know why that pairing isn't more popular) and the 2009 Star Trek reboot. I did not upload those Smallville "gems", but if you want archaeological evidence of my first attempts at fanfic, there it is.

I also have to recommend this Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy fanvid. It's Haydon/Prideaux, and the vidder cleverly includes clips from the movie "Another Country", which I'd never heard of, in which Colin Firth evidently also plays a [Spoiler (click to open)]sexually liberated Communist but which was made when he was twenty-four years old. It's sort of partway between hot, sweet and disturbing.

I have ficc'ed!

For the first time in a long time. It's not long, but it's porny. Blame Hubby, whose reaction, upon seeing two extremely close male characters in the manly Cold War spy thriller "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy" was: "They're totally sleeping together." I have taught him well.

Fandom: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)
Pairing: Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux
Rating: NC-17

Summary: "...He knew deep down it was you all along."

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If you don't know the movie, but want to read anyway: Major Spoilers AheadCollapse )

ETA: I love the cute little scissors icon for cut tags now!

Lucy Liu as Watson?

Article here

Why is the BBC Sherlock fandom not agog over this? Or are they, and I'm just not in the fandom deep enough to see (very possible.) I would like the idea, if not for the all-but-foregone conclusion that it will turn, Castle-style, into yet another mess of forced UST until they hook up sometime in Season 3 and immediately jump the shark. (One good thing about male buddy cop shows, and, as the article mentions, Holmes and Watson in particular: you know that no matter how much slash bait they put out they will never actually get together and ruin everything.) Oh, who am I kidding? This is CBS. They won't make it to a third season.

In other news, we leave on Sunday for our first ever "family" holiday. A four-day cruise to the Bahamas with a 16-month-old who has learned to walk and now wishes to do nothing else (usually with commentary. "Walking! Walking!") I'll let you know when I get back if I survived.

Sick! But getting better.

This may be TMI, but not enough for me to cut it because it's a source of pride I don't get to share: I went twelve years without throwing up. January 2000-February 2012. That includes three pregnancies, one long labour, nine years of working with germ-infested elementary students, and not a single morsel reverse-passed my lips. Three months into having a toddler, and Thursday night I was puking my guts out.

She got it first, though, so we were miserable together and relying on Hubby over the weekend. He pulled through admirably (although I still haven't worked up the courage to look at the mess he left on the kitchen table.) We're mostly fine now, though. She's doing an extra day at her care home this week so I can do extra work for extra money, and all is good.

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Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?

My two lifetime famous people encounters are:

-Sharing a flight from Newcastle to Heathrow with actor Robson Greene. (We impeded his way at the luggage carousel) and,

-Meeting TV host and former prime minister's son Ben Mulroney when we were waiting to see Will and Kate last summer.

Although my brother did act as security for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they had lunch in the food court of West Edmonton Mall, which is at least a second-degree celebrity meeting.

Hope everyone out there is doing well! We're busy getting ready for Christmas. The Young One is not thrilled by Santa. She held it together when we went to visit him at the mall last week, but he surprised her when we were at the museum today and she lost it. Can't blame her, really.

A word about Jack Layton..

As most of you already know, we lost him yesterday. He left us an inspirational letter which has been tweeted all over the place, but which is still well worth reading: "Dear Friends..."

For my foreign friends, while he wasn't prime minister, "Jack" had a great personal popularity (I'd even compare it to Obama or Tony Blair dying at the height of their popularity.) And I was actually really impressed with the speech Stephen Harper gave about him. Even Bob Rae (a former NDP premier for goodness' sake) felt the need to add the caveat he "didn't always agree with Jack's politics", Harper said nothing like that, even though they are as diametrically opposed as is possible to be. For a man with a reputation for being robotic, he sounded genuinely saddened, which I thought was great of him. Maybe (and I shudder to say this) he's not all that bad after all (but I "don't always agree with his politics." Or, in fact, ever.)

Happy Canada Day!

As wpadmirer already knows, I celebrated early by taking Little T to see Will and Kate at the War Memorial yesterday, so she could say she saw him once he becomes king (probably about the time she's putting me in the nursing home.) We waited for two hours (Little T is amazingly patient at this kind of thing, hamming to the crowd all the time) and got some good views, and at one point Will was about a metre away from us for about half a second. We met Ben Mulroney (sort of a Canadian Ryan Seacrest, but also the son of a former prime minister.) Our current prime minister was also there. Crowd reaction to him was summed up by the woman I passed after the event, who was saying "I had to shake Stephen Harper's hand. No one else wanted to."

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Tonight we're going to the small local fireworks show, because Parliament Hill will be madness. Although I saw Kate's outfit on TV and it looks great (and that's speaking as someone with no time for the monarchy.)